Heritage Carbide Capabilities

Heritage carbide is a certified global supplier and provides component parts to major manufacturers. Heritage Carbide specializes in products of carbide, silicon nitride or some combination of carbide and silicon nitride, steel and other metals.

We are a “make-to-print” shop for products that require resistance-to-wear properties. Because Heritage Carbide is strictly a make-to-print shop, our shop procedures are designed for confidentiality for the protection of proprietary customer processes and designs. Our capabilities include fabrication of both cylindrical and flat shapes.

Heritage Carbide has the capability to produce parts up to around 20 inches in diameter and 14” in length. Please note that the exact limits of size and tolerancing depend on the configuration of the part to be produced.

General Range of Work Size:

  • Outside Diameters to 20 inches
    * tolerances to .0002
  • Overall Length for cylindrical parts 12 inches
    * tolerances to .0005
  • Surface Finish per customer requirements
Our Quality Control Department is well controlled and maintained with all the inspection equipment necessary to provide customers with certified parts. Heritage Carbide provides full trace ability for material and certifies fabrication to our customer’s print.


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